Do Walkie Talkies Work at Festivals?

Packing up with the right gear is the best way to make your time at a festival more comfortable and enjoyable.

Since a lot of festivals are held in open areas where cell phone coverage can be a bit limited, finding other methods for communications becomes crucial.

A lot of people consider using walkie talkies for this purpose. So, do walkie talkies work at festivals?

In this article, we’ll provide you with a brief guide about the value of walkie talkies at festivals and whether you should bring one along.

Do Walkie Talkies Work at Festivals?

Walkie talkies use radio waves to communicate. However, in order for these waves to go from one device to the other, it needs to be uninterrupted by any obstacle that can deflect or reflect the waves while propagating.

In other words, walkie talkies should work in any open area with little obstructions in the way, making festival grounds an excellent spot to use two way radio for communication, especially when other communication methods are absent or limited.

But despite working in theory, walkie talkies may run through some issues in a few cases while at a festival, so you have to keep in mind.

Why Walkie Talkies May Not Work at Festivals

In this section, we’ll walk you through some of the reasons why walkie talkies may not work consistently at festivals.

You’re in an Extremely Confined Area

Although most festivals are held in open areas, you might be stuck in a spot where the signal is heavily weakened due to the various obstacles around you. These can be anything from tents, sectioning walls, and stages to people themselves!

Radio Waves Interference

One of the biggest problems of using a walkie talkie at festivals is that you’re probably not the only one who thought that it was going to be a good idea.

In a place with tens of thousands of people around you and potentially hundreds of or even thousands of two way radios used at once, interference can be a huge problem.

The problem here is that you might pick up signals from other users while others might be overhearing your own signals.

Luckily, there are some simple solutions that can help you enjoy a smoother walkie talkie experience while you’re at a festival.

For example, changing the channel of the walkie talkie will help you find one with less noise. Luckily, some devices out there offer up to 50 different channels to overcome this issue, such as the Midland GXT1000VP4.

The Other End is Out of Range

Festivals are usually held in huge arenas or open areas. While many walkie talkies have a maximum range that can cover the distance of a festival, all the interruptions and obstacles heavily reduce the range of the device.

The result here is that you may not be able to reach the other end because of the extremely limited reach in such situations.

The Background Noise Makes it Difficult to Hear

With thousands of people around you as well as music playing at maximum volume, it’s easy to say that hearing someone over the radio can be quite inconvenient, especially with the previously mentioned interferences making the process a whole lot harder.

These Inconsistencies can be a serious issue if walkie talkies are your only source of communication with others.

Wrap Up

As you can see, walkie talkies can be an extremely valuable gadget to bring along while being at a festival.

They can make communication with others a whole lot easier without the inconvenience of phone signals.

However, using walkie talkies at festivals also comes with a few issues that you may come across.